All Things Green!

As we move from February to March, it’s time to ditch the red and focus on green! Forget about chocolate and hearts; it’s the season of shamrocks and leprechauns. At RedFish Recycling, we’re of course on board with anything green. But it’s not just about the color green; it’s about living green, too. That’s why we’re here with a list of fun, creative GREEN DIY ideas for the month of March.

Wine Cork Plant Marker
RedFish RecyclingIf you’re into the green lifestyle, chances are you already have a garden. This nifty craft is a good way to mark your plants AND find a use for all those old wine corks. Simply write the plant name on the cork with a sharpie, and then stick it on a wooden skewer. What could be better than a reason to drink wine?

Spring (Green) Jar Centerpieces
Why not add a touch of green to your table? Grab a case of the new Ball Heritage green jars and wind some twine around them. Let your creativity run with a few other adornments, and then fill the jars with baby’s breath – or another flower you like.

Repurposed Grill
Admit it: there’s an old charcoal grill in the backyard or garage that’s no longer in use. But don’t throw it away – repurpose it! Turn the grill into a simple planter and paint it green to make it easily blend in to any garden or outdoor area.

What are your green DIY and upcycling ideas? Share with us on our Facebook page.