Celebrate Earth Day

Here at RedFish Recycling, we never miss a chance to party, and there’s a holiday coming up that’s near and dear to our hearts. Earth Day is April 22, and we hope you’ll celebrate with us.

RedFish RecyclingWhat is Earth Day?
Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, and was meant to raise awareness and demonstrate support for all kinds of environmental protection. It’s honored around the world on April 22, and helps broaden the base of support for environmental programs while rekindling public commitment to keeping a clean and healthy planet. This year is the 45th anniversary, so extra special celebrations are in order.

How can I celebrate?
There are literally thousands of ways to celebrate Earth Day, but we’ll list some of our favorite ideas here:

  • Make a recycling plan. Okay, we admit we’re biased, but Earth Day is a great time to put together a comprehensive recycling plan for your home. Figure out how you can make recycling the easiest for you and your family, and develop a plan. This way, Earth Day extends long past April 22.
  • Grow something. A seed in your garden, a tree in your yard, a flower in a pot. Anything! Planting and growing things is exactly what the spirit of Earth Day is all about.
  • Get the kids involved with crafts. Do some DIY crafting projects around the house, and get the kids involved with reusing household items at an early age.
  • Be car free. Walk, bike, or take the bus for a day. It’s good for the environment, and good for your body.

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