Ask the Disposal Experts: Yard Waste

Ask the disposal experts

You’ve trimmed your trees, shaped the bushes, and cleaned up your yard for fall. Now you have big piles of organic matter sitting in your yard and no clue what to do with it. Unfortunately, you can’t just throw your yard waste anywhere. In any RedFish Recycling dumpster, yard waste is on our “No-No” list.

But as waste experts, we have some solutions that can help save the day.

  • If your yard waste is mainly leaves and clippings, consider composting. Throw in layers of organic materials and rotate it on occasion to build up rich nutrients to add to your soil.
  • The Public Works Department of the City of Brownsville offers brush and bulky item collection service to Brownsville residents.
  •  If your project is really big, Pro Dumpsters and Dumpster Deliveries are a few examples of dumpster rental services that you can call to have your very own dumpster delivered to your drive to fill it with debris, garbage, recyclables or yard waste. Once you’re done, call them to come pick it up.

The City of Brownsville MSW Landfill covers 275 acres, serving Brownsville and the surrounding areas. More than 900 tons a day are sent to the Brownsville landfill, giving it an approximate life expectancy of 38 years.  Think before you send waste to the landfill and if you are ever unsure, don’t forget to ask the experts!