Does Your Retail Business Recycle?

Reduce Retail Waste with RedFish Recycling

There’s a lot of money in the retail business, and at RedFish Recycling we know that it costs a lot of money to operate a store. Recycling may not be a top priority for many retail establishments, but it should be! We make it easy for businesses to recycle, and we help save you money.

First, contact RedFish for a waste audit. A RedFish Representative will meet with you to conduct a waste audit of your business and will then put together a customized recycling plan. We make it easy by providing one bin for all of your recycling. We sort it all later.

While you’re waiting for your appointment with RedFish to be scheduled, here are a few healthy habits you can enforce with your business today.

Break down cardboard
A lot of major shopping areas have a different bin for cardboard. Break down all cardboard boxes so that the bin doesn’t fill up too much before pick-up. If it’s full then people will throw recyclable cardboard into the trash bin!

Go digital
Reduce paper transactions by going digital for bill payments, vendor ordering, invoices, online banking, emailing and faxing.

Switch it up in the break room
Eliminate disposable cups, plates and utensils in the break room. Use permanent dishware and set up a small kitchen.

Use energy-efficient electronics
PCs, printers, and anything else with the EnergyStar label are a great way to run your business.

Recycling with RedFish will ultimately save you money, as well as the environment. Our recycling process costs less than landfill fees, so you reduce your waste disposal costs by recycling more and throwing away less. Contact RedFish Recycling to learn more.