Easy Office Recycling Tips

Green Office with RedFish Recycling

An office environment is like a delicate ecosystem; it’s a complex set of relationships between departments and employees where everyone relies on each other to successfully run the organization. Are you doing all that you can to make sure your ecosystem is healthy?

Producing an excess amount of waste is not only bad for outside the office but inside as well.

With the help of RedFish’s waste audit, your business will have recommendations of how to simplify processes and systems to minimize your organization’s waste stream and be more productive. We will help you set up the right recycling program for your office and save you money in landfill fees.

Until then, here are a few easy tips to reduce waste in your office.

Use both sides of paper
For large reports, print on both sides of paper. It’s also a great idea to place a “recycle” bin next to the printer for paper that still has a clean side. This paper can be reused for small print projects.

Set up recycling bins
With RedFish Recycling, we provide one bin for you to put all of your recycling in. We sort it later. In the breakroom, lobby or any other high traffic area, place a RedFish bin next to the trash bin and everyone will instinctively help out.

Recycle ink cartridges
There’s a debate going on in the office world about whether or not you should refill and reuse ink cartridges or if you should just throw them out. Reusing cartridges can reduce the quality of ink, but it’s very wasteful to just throw cartridges away. Our solution is to recycle the cartridges.

Hand dryers in the bathroom
An easy way to reduce office waste is to remove paper towels from the bathrooms.

Buy used furniture
Used furniture can be just as good as brand new. There are many used furniture outlets that have top-notch, ergonomic furniture for your office.