Why Recycling Should Be Easy

In an interview with the Valley Morning Star, our co-founder Dean Putegnat said, “Recycling has to be easy. If it’s harder than throwing something away in the trash, then all this stuff will go in the trash.”

We know that it’s easy to just throw all waste into the trash, which is why a complicated recycling process doesn’t work for most people. Have you ever seen multiple recycling bins that require you to separate your plastics, paper, etc? Usually everything either ends up in one bin or straight into the trash. Throwing stuff away is easy, figuring out which bin to throw it in is something most people don’t want to spend time doing.

Recycling needs to be easy and at RedFish Recycling, that’s what we’re all about. We know the truth, and we’re out to work with people, not against them. Here’s how we make recycling easy.

For your business:
To make the process easier for you, we do all the work. The first step is to have a RedFish Representative meet with you and your organization to conduct a waste audit to determine the best recycling program for you. With your customized program, we recommend a dumpster size and pickup frequency for your business. Once your program is in place, all you have to do is throw your recyclables into one bin. With our single stream process, we do the sorting for you!

For your community:
RedFish Recycling is happy to introduce our new residential services. We’re offering residents the same, easy recycling process. Like with our business program, all you have to do is throw your recyclables into one bin and we do the sorting for you. To learn more about our new service, click here.

Making green simple is what we’re all about. If you’re looking for an easy recycling program here in Texas for your business or community, contact RedFish Recycling today!