Your Green, Toxin-Free Spring Cleaning Guide

RedFish RecyclingCan you feel spring in the air? Winter is almost over which means it’s time to put together your spring cleaning checklist! This year, why not try and do things a little differently? Thoroughly cleaning your home may mean using a lot of chemical cleaners which are harmful to you and the environment. But there are other ways to get a good clean without an overload of chemicals.

There are many recipes out there for homemade cleaners and soaps. But why should you go through the trouble of making your own when you can easily buy cleaners at the store? Here are a few good reasons; toxins like chlorinated phenols are dangerous to your respiratory and circulatory systems, but are found in popular toilet bowl cleaners. Ammonia is harmful to your lungs as well as your skin and is found in many popular cleaners. You may not realize how much you’re exposed to when you use chemical cleaners, so going the homemade route may be the safest route.

If you don’t have time to make your own cleaners, you can always just use baking soda. Baking soda can be used on almost all hard surfaces and not only cleans well but deodorizes too. One box of baking soda can clean your entire bathroom. Click here for helpful baking soda tips. Distilled vinegar and even lemons can help with your spring cleaning. Find out how here

Do you like a nice smelling home? Synthetic air fresheners can contain phthalates or formaldehyde which contaminates the air you breathe. Candles are great but what if you need a good air purifying? If you want your home to smell fresh, simply open the windows! Letting in the spring breeze will whisk away the musty smell of winter. If you’re looking for something to purify the air in your home, buy a few air purifying houseplants.

There are many ways to clean your home without using harmful toxins. For more tips, visit our Facebook page.