Introducing: RedFish Recycling

There’s a new truck in town … and it has a big RedFish on it.

This summer, RedFish Recycling broke to the streets of Brownville, TX, to introduce an alternative to tossing waste in the landfill. RedFish makes green simple; simply toss all of your plastic, paper and metals into a RedFish Recycling bin. RedFish provides commercial single stream recycling services, while also equipping the residents of Brownsville with several designated drop-off locations for families, schools and churches. As an added benefit, RedFish gives educational tours of their recycling facilities to teach schools and the community members about the importance of recycling.

As a subsidiary of Marck Industries, Redfish Recycling has years of recycling knowledge and know-how to offer to the Brownsville community. RedFish provides commercial single stream recycling to organizations such as offices, restaurants, grocery stores, and retail stores. The cost per ton to recycle waste is less than the cost to throw it away, so organizations that recycle will reap the benefits. Not only do RedFish customers get the ease of throwing all of their recyclables into one bin, they also get the satisfaction of knowing that their simple choice of recycling helps preserve the environment – saving trees, water, energy and landfill space.

Once you start recycling with RedFish, you’ll see how easy it truly is.

RedFish Recycling