Powerful Recycling Habits for Your Restaurant

At RedFish Recycling, we believe that all restaurants have what it takes to significantly reduce the amount of waste produced from the establishment. But first, why should restaurants recycle?

Just look at these statistics:

  • 60 % of consumers prefer to patronize restaurants that recycle.
  • 51% said they would even pay extra to eat at restaurants that recycle.
  • 85% of patrons said that they were willing to sort quick service recycling items into proper bins if they were made available.

The first step to reducing waste at your restaurant is to contact RedFish and do a waste audit. RedFish Recycling works with your business to save you money on recycling.

Reduce Food Waste with RedFish Recycling

The second step is to enforce healthy habits in the restaurant. Does your restaurant do any of the following? Why not try all?

Buy products made from recycled material
You can find plenty of napkins, cups, utensils and packaging made from recycled material.

Compost organic material
Cut your waste hauling fees and help local farmers and gardeners. Many restaurants are composting their organic material to reduce landfills.

Try reusable coasters
While serving beverages at a bar or table, don’t use paper napkins. Instead, try reusable coasters or nothing at all.

Forget about paper napkins
Make it easier on yourself and your customers by using cloth towels instead of paper napkins. You’ll significantly lower the amount of waste your establishment produces and you’ll impress your customers.

Donate extra food to a food bank.
If you have excess food and your next delivery is coming, consider donating the food instead of throwing it away.

So which do you do? RedFish Recycling makes it easy for your restaurant to recycle. After a waste audit, your account representative will put together the right program for your business. We provide one bin for you to put all of your recycling in. And it saves you money! Contact us for more information.