5 Ways RedFish Helps Brownsville

RedFish Recycling came to Brownsville last summer and although we’re still the new guys, we’re dedicated to helping Brownsville improve. Here are a few ways we’re helping.

1. We help keep Brownsville stay clean.RedFish Recycling Recycling not only reduces waste disposal fees, it also prevents pollution caused by manufacturing of products from virgin materials and greenhouse gases from landfills.

2. Recycling reduces the community’s impact as a whole.
Soon we will have designated drop-off locations for the Brownsville community to bring their recyclables. If each household brought a few bags of recyclables a month, we could prevent tons of materials from going into landfills.

3. We support local businesses.
With corporate initiatives to meet recycling standards and demands to be Landfill Free, recycling is becoming more and more important to your company and your company’s image. We have the necessary tools to help businesses in Brownsville start recycling. To help keep businesses motivated, we  show off our customers in the Brownsville Herald!

4. Recycling makes you feel good.
Just knowing that you are improving the world we live in is enough to make anyone feel good. Whether you recycle at home or have a recycling plan set up with your business, you’re bound to feel the positive effects of recycling.

5. We’re reducing the need for landfills.
The Brownsville landfill not only serves our community but surrounding areas as well. That means the landfill takes in about 900 tons of waste a day! By recycling with RedFish, we can reduce our waste output, preserve natural resources, and reduce our need for landfills.

Contact us today and ask about a waste audit for your business.