Take the RedFish Recycling Tour in Brownsville, TX

At RedFish Recycling, we strive to be an active member of our Brownsville community. Come by our single stream recycling facility at 5250 Coffee Port Rd for an educational tour to see recycling first hand.

At the RedFish Recycling tour, businesses – manufacturing, restaurant, retail and offices alike – will find new ways and new ideas for streamlining and managing their everyday waste. A tour of our facility will open your eyes to see what other businesses are already recycling to reduce their waste removal costs.

Schools are encouraged to look to RedFish Recycling as an educational resource for presentations and field trips. Whether our recycling tour supplements science lessons about decomposition or energy use, our facility will help your students make connections about reusing natural resources and reducing our environmental impact.

Community groups and organizations are more than welcome to tour our facilities to get a glimpse at the efforts of preserving our community and our world. Recycling reduces our carbon footprint and reduces the raw materials being extracted from the earth. We must work together to do our part.

All groups must be prepared to get their hands dirty. We will provide goggles, safety vests, and hats for all members of the tour. All attendees of RedFish Recycling tours will also receive a free gift to help individuals reduce the waste going to the landfill from daily routines.