Tips to Save Energy and Keep Cool this Summer

We all know that summers in Brownsville are hot! In a few weeks, we’ll be thankful for air conditioning and cool drinks. Today, a lot of AC units are Energy Efficient, but we know that not everyone has upgraded yet. If you’re looking to save energy and keep your house cool this summer, check out the following tips.

Raise the temperature of your thermostat when you are away from home. It doesn’t matter if your home is the perfect temperature when you’re not home so why not bump it up to 74 degrees? You don’t want to completely turn off your AC because then when you are back the system will have to work harder to cool down your house.

Block the sunlight from coming in through your windows. Sunny days are beautiful and natural light can make a room sparkle, but sunny windows account for 40% of unwanted heat in the house. During the hottest part of the day, keep the window shades closed in rooms that aren’t in use. Unwanted heat from your windows can make your air conditioner work two to three times harder.

Install a few ceiling fans. Air circulation makes a house seem less stuffy and moving air over the body provides a cooling effect on your skin. Ceiling fans can make a room feel 10 degrees cooler.

Run heat producing appliances in the evening when it’s cooler. Appliances like your dishwasher and clothes dryer produce a lot of heat when running, so save those chores for the evening when the sun has set. Your oven is another appliance you may want to consider keeping off during the hot days. (This gives you another excuse to use the grill!)

Clean your air conditioning filters regularly. Dirty air filters restrict airflow and can cause the system to run longer, increasing energy use. For maximum benefit, replace the filters every month.

Increase attic insulation. The sun beating down on your roof heats up your house from the top down. Additional insulation will help keep the hot sun out and the cool air in.