Why Should My Organization Recycle?

At RedFish Recycling, we make it as easy as possible for your organization to recycle. From financial savings to single stream convenience, the benefits of recycling far outweigh the costs. Here’s a quick breakdown of why recycling is important for your business:

Save Money: The recycling process costs less than landfill fees, meaning the less you throw away, the more money you save.
Save the Environment: This is the classic benefit of recycling, but it still holds true today. Simply put, reducing waste and moving toward sustainability through recycling creates a cleaner, brighter, and more efficient planet. Recycling also preserves valuable natural resources.
Save Time: RedFish’s Waste Audit assures your recycling operation run at maximum efficiency, and is as simple as possible. And our single stream recycling means you never have to sort materials again – they all go in the same bin.

What Can I Recycle?
Plastic: Bottles, jugs, containers, and cups.
Metal: Aluminum and tin cans.
Paper and Cardboard: Newspaper, magazines, cardboard boxes, mail, books, and paperboard food boxes and cartons.

How Does Recycling Help?
Conserve Resources: Each material you recycle makes one fewer material that has to be extracted from the earth. This includes trees, water, iron ore, and limestone, among other things.
Save Energy: It takes less energy to process recycled materials than to make new ones.
Reduce Landfill Waste: By sending less to the landfill, you free up land for different uses and extend the life of current landfill space.

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