What Happens to Recycled Paper

RedFish Recycling makes recycling easy for you and your business. Once you toss your recyclables into one of your bins, it’s out of sight, out of mind. But what happens to all of the paper you recycle?

Paper is very easy to recycle and reuse because unlike metal and plastics, it doesn’t require extreme heat to melt it down. Once paper is collected, sorted, and baled at RedFish Recycling, it is sent to a paper mill. At the paper mill, the paper is chopped up, treated and cleaned to wash out any inks and contaminants. This process turns paper into a pulp mixture which is then processed into recycled paper products.

RedFish RecyclingPaper can only be recycled about half a dozen times. After that many trips to the paper mill, the small fibers that stick together to make paper become so small from repeated processing that they have a hard time sticking together. Recycling plants often make recycled paper stronger by adding some new pulp to each batch. Between this and the paper that is still made with only new materials, about two thirds of what we use to make paper products still comes from trees.

So where can you find recycled paper products? Familiar products include paper towels, napkins, paper plates and brown bags. But did you know that recycled paper has been used to create items such as paper vases, picture frames, gift tags, and even handbags!

So the next time you open your mail or empty out your desk, think twice before throwing paper products into the garbage. Even small paper items can be reused to create more products, including beautiful household decorations. For more tips on the benefits of recycling, check out our Facebook page.