What if We Do Nothing?

On the RedFish Recycling blog, we talk a lot about the benefits of recycling, and try to illustrate the positive impact you can make by reducing waste and striving for sustainability. But for once, we’re going to look at the other side; what happens if we don’t recycle? What would the world look like if we all just said “no” to recycling and kept producing waste at our current rate?

RedFish Recycling Brownsville Texas

How would that decision affect our community…

At an individual level, you won’t see a difference. In a day’s time, everything will still seem normal.

For the landfills, there will be an impact after only going one day. On average, each person generates 4.38 pounds of waste per day. If that all goes to the trash – multiply it by 7.125 billion people on earth – that’s 31.2 billion pounds of waste in landfills every single day.

For the planet, because resources are finite, the impact will be most noticeable. In one day, we consume resources faster than we replenish them. This means that if we’re not recycling, we’ll run out of resources in no time.

Next Week?
Individually you still may not see an impact. But at a landfill and planetary level, the impacts will already be piling up and creating major problems. In only a week’s time, hundreds of millions of pounds of waste are flooding our landfills and we’re already at a drastic deficit when it comes to natural resources.

At this rate, with the landfills overflowing and resource deficit piling up on only one week, where do you think we’ll be in 10 years? In 20 years? 50 years?

It doesn’t take a wild imagination to see the writing on the wall: it doesn’t look good. Even a small lapse in recycling, and we immediately see problems. Compounded over the long term, a move away from sustainability would have a serious negative impact on the world and our way of life.

What can you do? Simple: start reducing, reusing, and recycling! If you haven’t yet started, place an emphasis on recycling in your home. RedFish is currently working to bring curbside recycling to Brownsville, which will be an enormous step in making recycling convenient and accessible for every resident. Curbside recycling makes it easy; you throw all recyclable materials in one bin, and we do the sorting for you. You’ll never have to separate metal, plastic, and paper.

Keep an eye out for future announcements on curbside recycling, and in the meantime, contact your local government officials and tell them you want curbside recycling. It’s one small step that can make a big impact on the planet.