Zero Landfill: What is it all about?

RedFish RecyclingZero landfill is a hot buzzword in the business and recycling worlds. Over the last several years, environmental impact has risen to the top of many discussions and many company priority lists. Whether waste reduction is required of your company to meet corporate initiatives and compliance, or whether your company is striving to be an environmental leader in your industry, zero landfill could be a beneficial goal that RedFish can help you achieve.

What is Zero Landfill?
Zero landfill is process management to its finest. Industrial wastes are recycled, treated, reused or sold with the ultimate goal of avoiding the use of landfills. Unfortunately, different companies have different guidelines for achieving zero landfill, but the overall concept and goal is the same. Certain definitions include zero hazardous waste, zero toxins and zero emissions, while other definitions focus solely on zero solid waste. Whatever the definition of zero landfill means to you, RedFish Recycling will work with you and your company to reach that goal.

What are the benefits of Zero Landfill?
When going zero landfill, your entire production process is analyzed looking for ways to operate smarter, faster and more efficiently, which often reduces operation costs. From the public standpoint, zero landfill benefits your company’s image by promoting sustainability, environmental protection, and economic well-being.

How can RedFish Recycling help my business get there?
RedFish Recycling offers waste audits that look at your entire production process, looking for ways at every step of production to minimize and reuse waste. RedFish helps you manage your waste stream to find solutions and sources to divert your waste from going to the landfill.

Who else has gone Zero Landfill?

  • General Motors, Honda, Subaru and Toyota have several landfill-free manufacturing plants
  • Boeing also has a landfill-free helicopter plant
  • Frito-Lay claims to be near net zero when it comes to their waste stream
  • Rockline Industries, producer of wet wipes and coffee filters, is zero landfill thanks to RedFish’s parent company, Marck Industries